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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 15, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> it is thursday, august 15th and this is "fox and friends first". happening right now at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert for you. breaking overnight a suspect under arrest after an 8 hour standoff with police. six officers hurt, two freed from a hostage situation. >> nothing short of astounding that in such a confined space we didn't have more of a tragedy than we did.
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shannon: we are live on the ground in philadelphia with the latest. they were viciously attacked and doused in water and now new york city police officers being pelted with tins of chinese food. the latest attacks on the badge and the autopsy is out, the final cause of death for disgraced financier jeffrey epstein and what we just learned where his final words. "fox and friends first" starts right now. good morning once again, good evening on the west coast and joining us, you're watching "fox and friends first" on thursday. thank you for starting or ending your day with us, it has been a busy one overnight. breaking overnight a gunman surrendering with his hands up as an 8 hour standoff comes to a end in philadelphia. 6 police officers injured in the tents shootout as the heavily armed suspect barricaded himself inside a home with several hostages.
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how suspect eventually got that suspect to surrender. it was a long night. >> use it was. a big ordeal, a long 8 to 9 hours as this played out and a lot of it on television because you had news crews audio the whole day pretty much, it was a play-by-play of what was going on. this is new this morning, the fbi is on the scene, new information from an attorney represented this alleged suspect in a prior case, he says the gunmen has the 2 day old daughter, teenage son and a wife. there was a 4-way call with the alleged suspect. the police commissioner, district attorney was on the call, police gave him until 11:4:05 pm to come out of the house, that again according to this attorney who was part of the negotiation to get this alleged suspect out of the house without any other injuries happening. this morning let's look at this video because all of the injured are waking about the hospital at
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home. that is the good news. a sigh of relief, a miracle quite frankly that there weren't more injuries. this was 4:30 p.m. in philadelphia. narcotics officers were serving a warrant when a man inside a house started firing. listen to this desperate dispatch call. >> shots fired from the second floor. long gun. >> reporter: you can really hear how tense this was and at that point it was all hands on deck. hundreds of philadelphia police officers from different districts on scene. was a long ordeal, 8 to 9 hours. until 6 officers were shot, one with a graze wind to the head, what officer 3 others were barricaded inside the house with the suspect for 5 hours. now a philadelphia captain did
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tell me it is a multi family home, not just one house but a multi-housing situation. the alleged gunman was in one part of the house and the other three people were in a different part of the house but it did take five hours to get them out and there was so much smoke inside the house from the gunbattle that was hard for the officers who were stuck inside to see anything. 5 hours later everyone was brought out unharmed in the police captain tells me it is thanks to good tactical work by every police officer who was on the scene. the mayor says their focus is on the injured. >> talking to one of the officers had a graze wound to the head, our concern is for their families. we will sort out the other stuff once the scene is resolved. >> a part of temple university was on lockdown and you can see
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the streets behind me are still blocked off. this neighborhood is inside the scene right here but also during this ordeal, there are two day care centers on this block. one of them across the street from this house. that had to be evacuated carefully. you can imagine parents trying to reach their kids, to know they are okay and get them back in their arms. that was a tough spot for those parents to be in. those children safely evacuated hours later. eight hours later it ended because police put teargas in the home and the alleged suspect came out with his hands up. think of how this could have ended. everybody in this area is waking up thinking this is a miracle that there was no loss of life. when you are a reporter and you cover shootings you cover police officers being killed.
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i have covered multiple of them. i grew up in this area in the suburbs of philadelphia and you know their names and faces and it sticks with you forever and we are having a different situation thanks to the police officers that are here. shannon: i look forward to hearing how they got those officers out of the home with the suspect firing inside. that was absolutely unbelievable and great police work all around. thank you so much. much more to come. breaking overnight the new questions about jeffrey epstein's death. we have been waiting on this. and autopsy report revealing he had broken bones in his neck. the specific injuries commonly seen in people who have been strangled. griff jenkins joins us from washington with more on that report and the new lawsuit from one of epstein's alleged victims. >> the victims act that went into effect yesterday allowing a 1-year window for filing civil claims for child sex abuse the
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attorney for jennifer arose speaking out about learning about epstein's death. >> initially she was angry, a little frustrated. she was hoping mister epstein would face justice in a criminal court room, that she would be able to stand up to him, see him face a judge that would ultimately lead to his jail, but justice begins now. she is fully intending to see this through to the end. >> rose's tori gained national attention when she spoke up alleging she was lured to epstein's mansion as a teenager. >> very forcefully kind of brought me to the table. i was really scared and telling him to stop. he forcefully raped me, knew exactly what he was doing and i don't think cared.
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>> reporter: a new report in the washington post and confirmed by fox news offers details of epstein's autopsy finding he suffered multiple breaks in his neck bones. among the bones broken, raised questions about his cause of death according to the president of the national association of medical examiners who said this to the washington post. if i pathetically the bone is broken that would generally raise questions about strangulation but it is not definitive and does not exclude suicidal hanging. the medical examiner's office is not commenting as the cause of death is pending, the new york post is reporting epstein's spirits were in a good place before his death claiming his last words to his attorney i will see you sunday. the story is far from over. we will get more today. >> i hadn't heard about his last words to his attorney, thank you so much, we appreciate it, see what we find out today. new information on this story we
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have been following out of california. the rifle used to murder a california highway patrol officer was an untraceable ghost gun. according to the la times suspect aaron luther's weapon did not have a serial number and was likely purchased on the black market. luther had previously served prison time for murder and was not permitted to own a gun. police say shot and killed officer andre moy a follow the traffic stop monday. california highway patrol honored the 3 year veteran of the force of the summer bellringing ceremony. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu could deny two democrats from visiting israel. the washington post reporting congresswoman ilhan omar and rashida tlaib could be turned away since they support a boycott movement against israel. the israeli government is expected to formally announce its decision today. benjamin netanyahu reportedly receiving some internal backlash
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for the move. we will have more on that coming up as well. first 13 states suing the trump administration over its new public charge will which expand the government's ability to deny green cards based on use of public services like food stamps. aishah hasnie joins us to explain. what happens now? >> reporter: immigration officials made the announcement monday saying the new green card will will help people migrating to the us. >> donald trump's public charge inadmissibility pull better ensures that immigrants are able to successfully support themselves as they seek opportunity here in america. >> not everyone sees it that way, the 13 states you see in two california county suing to stop the rule in its tracks. it relies on a legal concept, public charge to deny green cards to immigrants who rely on public assistance but the lawsuit claims it violates
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federal immigration laws. a statement from census go city attorney this latest effort by the trump administration to target immigrants including those who are lawfully seeking visas and green cards is abhorrent and we will do everything in our power to protect our resident's ability to access critical services that we provide. this comes as immigration officials are telling that donald trump's policies are working to decrease the number of illegal border crossings from 130,000 back in may 2nd is low as 82,000 in july. >> largely the result of the president's interaction with mexico first. we are getting more cooperation from them than we ever had in this area. >> an injunction, the is set to go into effect october 15th. shannon: thank you. to a foxbusiness alert, us markets set to open in just a few hours after a volatile day on wall street.
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[bellringing] >> without plunging 800 points as donald trump blamed the federal reserve and inverted yield curve. that refers to a point where short-term investments in government bonds pay more than long-term investments, fears for the massive selloff on wall street and global fears of a recession. stay tuned for more on that. donald trump heads to new hampshire for a keep america great rally. supporters already in line for tonight's event at southern new hampshire university, these women camped out since tuesday. the arena holds up to 11,000 people and police expect another fool house. we will report as it happens.
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4 minutes after the top of the hour, the fbi investigating a targeted attack on an ice building in texas and they are blaming fiery rhetoric like this from democrats. >> the united states is running concentration camps on the southern border. >> criminalizes our immigrant neighbors. >> our next guest is a retired ice agent who was shot in the line of duty and says that needs to end now. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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>> the united states is running concentration camps on the southern border. >> capitalizes our immigrant neighbors, criminalizes any person of color. >> these women were being told to drink out of the toilet's. >> fox news alert. fbi agents, shooting at a texas ice facility a brazen and violent act. ice agents say it was motivated by political rhetoric as rashida
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tlaib joins and ties protest in michigan. why can the left blame the president's speech for inciting violence but get away with their own divisive rhetoric? victor avila knows firsthand the dangers of the job. he survived a shooting that killed his partner and he joins us live. thank you for joining us, very important for people to hear from you today. so tell us a little bit about what happened with you. >> i was shot in the line of duty on assignment in mexico and my partner lost his life when we were ambushed by a cartel. i know very well what it is like to be attacked and this type of rhetoric and targeted of ice is not going to be tolerated. very important for donald trump and congress to condemn this and stop this rhetoric before it
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gets out of hand. last thing i want to see is an ice or cvp officer hurt or killed in the line of duty just because of their language. >> not just the officers but the families of the ice contractors, protesters threatening those families. >> throughout the country. >> we are not actually joking, we know where your children live. tell us what you would say given the opportunity to speak to these people directly? what would you say to them? >> these protesters, first of all hold them accountable for what they are saying. they are not just, these are obstructing law enforcement now
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and it is becoming very dangerous for the officers and their families. they need to understand the role of what ice does and cvp does and that is enforcing the laws on the books that have been passed by congress. the rhetoric they are talking about the democrats are talking about is exactly what officers are enforcing. they took an of to uphold the law and that is all they are doing in this is not a good path we are headed into because of this. shannon: ice and border patrol are not the bad guys. other people who are not the bad guys, law enforcement officers across this country. we have report saying philly police officers involved in the standoff in the shooting last night were taunted and assaulted responding to the scene of the live shooting, let's take a look at this video as we continue to talk about it, people laughing
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at them, trying to get them to go away and also video, new video of nypd offices getting pelted with chinese food during the bronx arrest? what is your response to all this that is going on? >> this is just outstanding to me that the respect for our law enforcement and authority is heading the wrong direction and call me old-fashioned but i am all about the authority, what is happening in our home by our parents, parents have to tell children early on in age, crucial to tell them this is the authority we have to respect, or police officers, first responders, teachers, schools have a great responsibility in doing this as well. this is very important because police officers and first responders have a difficult job. shannon: saving our lives every day putting their lives on the
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line so we should be thanking them and respecting them. thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate your service out there too. we will be right back, stay with us. devices are like doorways
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that could allow hackers into your home. and like all doors, they're safer when locked. that's why you need xfinity xfi. with the xfi gateway, devices connected to your homes wifi are protected. which helps keep people outside from accessing your passwords,
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credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. >> welcome back, you are watching "fox and friends first," protests in hong kong showing no signs of ending anytime soon, donald trump demanding a personal meeting with his chinese counterpart as tensions escalate in the city. benjamin hall joins us from london is the us issues a travel warning. >> reporter: you are absolutely right. it is clear these protests will not end until their demands are met or they are somehow stopped and we are hearing the clashes are expected to continue through
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the we can leading up to 1 million person march on sunday. last night police face-off again this time on the streets of the financial hub when riot officers fired tear gas as a response to demonstrate is that hardens, donald trump spoke out again calling on china to deal with this humanely even suggesting he was willing to meet president xi jinping to discuss the process tweeting i know president xi of china very well, he is a great leader who has the respect of his people, he is a good man in a tough business. i have 0 doubt that if president xi wants to quickly and humanely solve the problem he can do it. a personal meeting? chinese forces mass at the border including large numbers of paramilitary personal and armored vehicles. it is a clear invisible threat to the protesters and it has led to warnings from other us politicians.
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>> this is the 30 year anniversary of tiananmen square, watching those tanks rolled into millions of people, for the idea of freedom of speech. >> reporter: amidst all this the state department issued a travel warning urging all-americans to use extra caution saying protests can happen anytime anywhere in the city and they are likely to continue. shannon: been hall with the latest, thank you. back here at home one of the largest universities may be violating federal law. university of michigan has a new policy to go against a ban on illegal immigrants paying in-state tuition. only two requirements to qualify at the university of michigan. or earn a d e.g. in an in-state high school that you attended for 3 years.
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the rule could save students $45,000. pennsylvania is the latest state to offer gender-neutral ids. beginning in january as opposed to choosing male or female. pennsylvania joins 13 other states who offer a third option on ids. >> and hours long standoff in philadelphia is over. the suspect is in custody after 6 officers are shot. wall street reeling after the last day of the year. what do we expect that "the opening bell" this morning. what all this means for your 401(k) up next.
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>> so much ammo. we are back with a fox news alert. gunman surrendering with his hands up. you see him in the light after this 8 hour standoff comes to end in philadelphia, 6 police officers injured in this tense shootout as the heavily armed suspect barricaded himself inside a home with several ostriches. live near the home, how police got the suspect eventually to surrender. good morning again. >> good morning. this was a long day for philadelphia police, for neighbors in this community. a lot of street still blocked off. we have new information from an attorney who represented the
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alleged suspect, he says there was a 4-way call last night with the alleged suspect, with the attorney himself, the police commissioner and the district attorney, he says police were giving him until 11:4:05 pm to come out of the house. take a listen to what the attorney said as he helped with negotiations. >> i couldn't get to the door but they did allow me to occupy the police vehicle that was outside and use that to let him know i was physically on scene the way i promised him i would be. >> reporter: that attorney did represent the suspect in a prior incident. they had a relationship. that is the moment this alleged suspect came out of the house with his hand in the air, this was 8 or 9 hours after this all started. it began at 4:30 p.m. this is a second of north philadelphia,
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narcotics officers were serving a warrant when a man inside the house, the menu set with his hand up started firing, we are told 6 officers were shot in total. what had a graze wounds to the head, two officers and 3 others were barricaded in this house for hours as the alleged gunman continued to fire. hours later everyone was brought out unharmed, good tactical work by police. listen to the police commissioner. >> and nothing short of astounding that in such a confined space we didn't have more of a tragedy than we did. we are thankful we were able to get the other folks out, the prisoners were also unharmed. >> reporter: we don't know all the details how they were able to get the 2 officers and 3 other people inside the house but what you are looking at is the moment when police fired tear gas into the home moments
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before the alleged suspect came out with his hands up. everyone breathing a sigh of relief that this was not worth it, no loss of life. you see police officers who were harmed at the scene who were put into the back of other officers, police cruisers transporters of two local hospitals. there was university, temple university on lockdown, two day care centers on this block. they were on lockdown. it was hours before parents could see their kids. it was definitely an ordeal. we are not reporting any deaths. every single officer who was hurt has since left the hospital and their waking up at home with their families. that is the best case scenario that could have come out of the situation, a terrible situation that unfolded for 8 or 9 hours on the streets of philly. shannon: thank you so much. back here in new york city, wall street experiencing its worst day of 2019 is markets are rocked by recession warnings that is the economy strong
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enough to rebound. joining us with what we can expect is dan go through. thank you for joining us. let's bring up the stock market. what happened yesterday, up and down, it really plummeted. what is going to happen today? >> i anticipate a selloff may continue even lower. >> it is possible. the market is going to need a little time to stabilize and absorb the realization we could be going into a global recession and it is going to be difficult but not impossible for the united states to be able to not get dragged into that. the fundamentals of our economy are strong enough, yesterday janet yellen talked about she felt the united states was strong enough not to fall into recession. i believe that is true.
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shannon: what's causing the global recession? >> the news that came out yesterday specifically related to germany having a shrinking economy as well as china. china is experiencing the hurt of the trade war, no question about it and for them to say they are in a bit of a slowdown with numbers coming out of china how much can you trust those numbers but that is an indication the global economy is slowing. >> what about what we heard yesterday, the inverted yield curve? >> basically the equivalent of going to a bank and getting a 5-year cd and the interest rate is less then a 2-year cd. it really doesn't make any sense so the same thing with the treasury. why would a 10 year treasury pay less interest than a 2-year treasury. it is inverted and that
1:37 am
traditionally has been a sign of a recession for the last 50 years for the united states. shannon: traditionally but that might be the key word because we have a very nontraditional president in the white house and is very positive, thinks that our economy, he knows our economy is great right now, the numbers prove it but the 2020 democratic one of thes are counting on this recession, counting on the economy taking a turn. >> when you have an incumbent president with a strong economy, very difficult to be beaten. i think from the democratic standpoint, for donald trump to be vulnerable not to be reelected the economy has to weaken. i think it is very unpatriotic to be rooting for a bad economy but the mainstream media is somewhat pushing that story. >> if they mention it enough they will create it. >> that the point, strengthen the democratic ticket, whoever may be on it. >> very sad to is for an economy
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and to wish for a recession and for the economy to start doing worse than it is, unbelievable. >> i don't think we're going down that path. if the indicators are accurate we are still anywhere from 12 to 24 months and a lot could happen in a period. shannon: i believe you. thank you, great to have you with us, 20 minutes until the top of the hour. j the has 99 problems at the backlash he is facing for partnering with the nfl is one of the. how he is defending his new deal. delicious foods, ferry animals and lots of fun. the iowa state fair swing, abby is live with the sights and sounds up next.
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>> happening today beto rourke looking to reset his presidential campaign for the second time. the once rising star of the democratic party looking for a new scene, he is expected to deliver a major address in el paso in the wake of that horrific shooting that left 22 people dead. senior campaign official says he will focus on racism, white supremacy and guns. recent polls have a rourke in sixth place. the democratic field is expected to narrow today. john hickenlooper is planning to drop out of the race according to the associated press as the low polling candidate ways a run for senate instead. cory gardner is seen as one of the most vulnerable republican senators this election cycle. speaking of politics a lot of candidates at the ohio state fair in full swing, so we sent
1:43 am
athletes for a first look and she joins us from the center of it all in des moines. good morning, abby. >> good morning. i think we are actually up with the roosters this morning but we had an absolute blast at the state fair yesterday, crazy to think it opened with the operating budget of $363, now it is $25 million. very easy to see why it paid off. take a look. welcome to the iowa state fair, one of the biggest, one of the best. over 1 million people come through these fairgrounds every year. in just 11 days, i'm about to be one of them, so let's check it out. >> how long have you been racing? >> 7 years now. >> what is it like having all these animals?
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>> very exciting. >> if i could have a pet cow in new york with they let me have one in my apartment? are you going to come home with me? >> are you ready for all of her? >> a brand-new newscaster helping out. >> food and coupons, now my mission is to find a crazy thing here. >> i took a big bite. that is so good. >> they got the fried mac & cheese. >> i'm about to try fried corndogs. the best thing at the fair.
1:45 am
maybe we can rise. >> i have always wanted to drive a tractor. i will drive it back to new york. >> do not eat the food and then ride on the rides. i thought i would be okay. i was not okay but it was so much fun. >> you said was a bacon double fried corndogs. >> a lot of fried stuff.
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tasted very very greasy. the man who gave me the pork chop let me ride on his tractor so very nice people in iowa. >> leavitt, thank you so much, appreciate you joining us. the time is 15 until the top of the hour and it is the beauty queen version of a freshman representative, twitter were brewing between ilhan omar, the minnesota congresswoman does not represent her as a muslim and she joins us live next. a triple threat. thinkable trick shot that has gone viral this morning. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit. the right to apply for a va home loan.
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the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va. they can close your loan in as little as 30 days. so call newday usa. they look at your whole financial picture, not just your credit score. and they'll do everything they possibly can to get you approved. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves.
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>> the family of the dayton shooter apologizing for an obituary praising him. he did not mention 9 people he murdered including his sister but the obituary has been taken down. the betts family apologize calling the wording insensitive. former mister rock speaking out about congressman ilhan omar sparking a heated debate. >> in arab country we call her the muslim brotherhood. there extremist muslims, they have this ideology, they want to control the world. >> joining us with a message for congresswoman omar this morning, thank you for joining us. we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you for having me.
1:51 am
>> the sun we heard from was from a radio show you did sparking this back and forth with ilhan omar that happened on twitter between the two of you. we can bring that up as we begin the discussion and people can read what transpired but ultimately what is your issue with her? >> my issue has been going on for years. i feel all the actions she has made. all the statements do not represent me as a muslim because she never stood up for muslim women around the world who are persecuted by sharia law. she will take her time to ask and demand the japan government to release a senior member of the muslim brotherhood. why does she have attention for these people who are terrorists but never gave voice for us. it is not one thing.
1:52 am
she seems to be gunning for us allies in the middle east like saudi arabia, israel, keeps asking the us to disarm, not give them weapons while they are fighting our enemies in the region. speaking of israel we show you a picture of you with miss israel, where you are representing iraq. as result of that and other things you were forced to leave iraq and are living in america. >> that is correct. this is a huge problem. we have the issue of islamists in the middle east to don't want to accept israel because it is a jewish state and they believe it should be a muslim country and i'm against this ideology. shannon: we had a story earlier in the newscast talking about whether ilhan omar would be allowed to enter israel. do you think she should be?
1:53 am
>> she should be but i doubt she will put the effort to achieving, she's more interested -- she will not condemn and a few months ago, several hundred rockets against israel, she had the audacity to call the world for defending itself and the terrorist melissa -- militia, she called them protesters. protesters against what? there is not a single israeli soldier in gaza. it is not even occupied. they are firing rockets and killing jewish people in israel. heather: they are dangerous. do you think ilhan omar is dangerous? >> to be honest, all her actions so far are very concerning.
1:54 am
she surrounds herself with questionable voices, like one who admitted on twitter, and know how to party. and listed as a terrorist organization in arab countries who have ties with another terrorist organization to fund hamas whose leader made statements on jordanian tv and the main purpose, to train american muslims and us politics. and influence us decisions about the middle east and islamic nations. this is the sort of people she surrounded herself with. heather: we appreciate your insight. you have been in america for two years, welcome.
1:55 am
>> thank you so much. heather: we will be right back.
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>> a police officer pelted with chinese food as he tried to do his job. the shocking video in new york city, disturbing new clip shows
1:59 am
a series of water attacks on the nypd, and. and and moving past kneeling and into action. >> let me bring you injustice. this wasn't about him having a job. that became part of the discussion, merely to bring attention to injustice. >> just eight months ago, reports that jayzee was boycotting the halftime show in support of colin kaepernick. a tar heels basketball player going viral for this incredible trick shot, throwing the ball
2:00 am
backwards from the 3 point range and she made it three times in a row. now the bad. weight watchers launching a weight-loss apps for kids. it will let kids ages 8 to 17 track what they eat and physical activity. the ugly. fall is coming and diving into that crazy. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," "fox and friends first" continues. >> nothing short of astounding in such a confined space. >> a fox news alert, suspect in


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